14 Days

On Monday of this week I got to go over to the pit master meeting for The Woodlands Barbecue Festival which is a week from today at Town Green Park. Corkscrew BBQ hosted the pit master meeting.


It was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to visit Corkscrew since they moved into Old Town Spring. Will and Nichole opened their new location about two weeks before we opened The Craftory. Will and I chatted about how hard it is for owner operators to get out much.

To see where Will and Nichole have taken Corkscrew is very inspiring. They are a real life example of what happens with hard work and world class barbecue.  Their new place where, Hyde’s used to be, is just wonderful. What an awesome barbecue joint in every way possible. Will was kind enough to give me a look at the back of the house and the pit room. It’s easy to see the operation was set up by veterans with skill. I could see that everything flows with efficiency.

I did have to ask about the bathroom.


Above one of the urinals there is this poster of Farrah Fawcett.  I hadn’t seen this Charlie’s Angel since I was in high school. I wondered if anyone ever accidentally peed on the wall instead of into the urinal. Nichole said the poster placement was her doing and so far the bathroom stays fairly tidy.

I can feel you asking what happens at a pit master meeting. What has happened at the two a pit master meetings I’ve been to so far (Houston BBQ, and Woodlands BBQ) is that the organizers of the event discuss the logistics of getting set up, serving barbecue, and health department rules. There’s also food and beer. Both of which I was glad to see when I got there as I was hungry and thirsty when I arrived at the pit master meeting.

Another thing that happens at the pit master meeting is some barbecue fellowship. We get to visit with other barbecue people and chat about what happens in the business of making and selling barbecue. The social part of these meetings is something I really enjoy.  Talking with your peers is enlightening whether it’s selling ladies swimwear, railcar parts, chocolate, or barbecue. I’ve done all of these things and sharing stories with those in your industry is good stuff.

The Woodland Barbecue Festival is coming together nicely. I think it will be a great day for barbecue with the joints that will be there. If you go to their site and enter coupon code tejaschocolate at the check out you’ll get 15% off the price of tickets. Maybe we will put a little pork belly in your belly.


We’ve got a lot going on over the next two weeks. We’re going to be working everyday for the next 14 days in the name of barbecue. Next Saturday is Beetles, Brew & Barbecue in Old Town Tomball. This event will have 7 craft beer makers, vintage VW bugs and vans, and some barbecue. We will have a tent there 11:00 – 6:00. Then Sunday is The Woodlands BBQ festival. These are rewarding events that we look forward to being a part of this year.

Last week felt a bit like a grind. I’m blaming it on the weather. Mid September is like the last hour of a long day. Summer just won’t let us be when we are really in the mood for summer to leave us alone. It was a solid week with a nice Friday dinner and a big Saturday to cap it off. We sold out of barbecue around 4:00 PM on Saturday, but served our afternoon chocolate monsters some truffles up until closing time.


Smoked chicken dinners were a looking great once again Friday evening from five to seven PM.

Saturday morning saw some taco monsters enjoying the start to their day.


Special shout out to Nick Rama. Nick is a champion for independent restaurant operators. His recommendations for where to eat are reliable I have found. Not just our place either.


You can follow along Nick’s Local Eats on Instagram here, Youtube here and on Facebook here.  Nick is all about the local joints succeeding.  He’s pretty passionate about great food and where to find it. We certainly appreciate his loyal support and knowledge of places to eat in our area. His hat says it all. Nick’s Local Eats is a good resource for your dining out research.

Once again this week there was more than one way to get to The Craftory.

img_7457 img_7454 img_7465 img_7453

I was particularly impressed with Officer Williams Victory motorcycle.

A sweet ride for doing a big job.


He does it well. We are fortunate to have him serving Tomball.

People ran, biked and segwayed over for brisket that looked like this.

img_7440Watching a brisket render fat never gets old does it.

Michelle is trying to put a little fall into place.


These guys are here to welcome you even though they are scarecrows which are supposed to be scary for critters that don’t like scarecrows.  Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any crows around lately even though these scarecrows are really are not all that scary. Must be a coincidence or something.

I have to admit, I was happy to see Saturday come to a close. It was nice to take down the flag, sit on a picnic table, watch the road, and drink a beer.


By Tuesday, I’ll will be ready to roll.  Hope to see you this week. We really appreciate your support.

See you around the hood.

Cheers! Scott





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