American Craft Chocolate

In our small chocolate Craftory near Houston, TX we hand craft award winning chocolate using only premium cocoa beans sourced from cacao farms around the world. 

For us, making chocolate is about letting the origin of cacao reveal its own character in chocolate flavor. By using minimal and pure ingredients the complexities of cacao tell us the story of their origins in something wonderful & delicious.

Our method is uniquely Texan and inspired by traditional artisan chocolate makers. 

Cocoa beans are fire roasted “low & slow”  in a hand-made solid clay brick oven to develop rich and distinct chocolate flavor.  Roasted cocoa beans are stone ground over days to create a velvety smooth texture.  Our chocolate is patiently allowed to age for weeks so deep complex flavors have time to fully develop.

We invite you to experience the vibrant flavors of our hand crafted chocolate.  Shop Now


Scott & Michelle

Co-Founders, Tejas Chocolate 2011



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